The SEBINO Group is a market leader in the design, installation and maintenance of integrated safety systems. The company, founded in 1979 by a ``volcanic`` entrepreneur from Bergamo, has accelerated its growth path in recent years thanks to the wise guidance of Dr. Gianluigi Mussinelli, until it was listed on the Euronext Growth of the Milan Stock Exchange. Despite the prestigious achievement, the Company has kept its roots firmly in the founding values: determination, passion for work and great respect for people and the environment that surrounds them.

Not everyone knows that SEBINO (from the Latin Sinus Binus, double inlet) is the ancient name of Lake Iseo, the area that gave the origins to the founder's family. The lake itself, with its waters, its natural spaces, its biodiversity, has always been a source of inspiration for visionary and sustainable business ideas. Water has always been feared for its strength, its power and at the same time contemplated for its flexibility, for its ability to penetrate spaces, soften them, shape them. Hence the idea of governing the power of water through a complex system, designed to tame a fire, could only be the mission of a man who was born and lived on the shores of a lake.

For over forty years SEBINO has paid attention to the needs of the area, supporting projects with a high technological content, but always respecting man and the environment. Precisely on this front, a project has been launched for the construction of a photovoltaic system that will make our plant exclusively linked to renewable sources. The processing waste from our industrial processes is completely recyclable. We invest in IT projects that allow us to reduce the use of paper. We constantly promote agile work, which helps to reduce travel and reconcile work with family activities.

With these premises, SEBINO proudly becomes a partner of the Savingbees.org project which has as its mission the construction of Bee Oases, to allow pollinators to find an environment suitable for reproducing and then re-spreading in the territory.


We bought agricultural land, and we are creating an ''Enchanted Valley'' for our friends Bees. We are sowing different species of ancient varieties of wild flowers and planting various medicinal plants whose nectar is precious for bees, to recreate a natural and special environment to support the life of these wonderful creatures, so important for life and for man.


Any help, large or small, will contribute significantly to the maintenance of the Bee Oasis!


Support our project and let's build together a shared communication path to enhance your company's commitment to developing the growth of the Bee Oasis for everyone's future!