We live in a world made for man. Large cities, loads of concrete that cover earth and plants, glass and iron that invade the sky while man consumes all that still exists naturally. A tired, sedentary, noisy man, who does not think that in order to survive, he must take care of other living beings, from the largest to the smallest, such as Bees.

We as Savingbees.org are working for a different world, in which the union between man and nature has neither winners nor losers. We purchased a 13,000 m² plot of land, where we are creating a tailor-made area for bees: an oasis of peace where man goes on tiptoe, respects the times of nature and the work of our little friends. We have subtracted a small plot of land from traditional cultivation to create an uncontaminated area, rich in spontaneous flora and nectar-producing plants, both herbaceous and arboreal. An area where bees can feed and promote cross-pollination, the basis of reproductive success and above all of biodiversity

It is also possible to support us in our project through donations. Any help, large or small, will contribute significantly to our project of the Beekeeping Oasis!


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oasi apistica saving bees