The miracle of nutrition
It is enough to stop for a moment and think about the miracle that happens every time we ingest food: food, in short, transforms itself, transfers its nutrients to the body, with which it merges and mixes, comes into contact with the cells, it enters the blood, it comes to interact intimately with our genes. This is the miracle of nutrition, which is renewed every day and is repeated in a primordial and universal rite.

Prolife, long-term well-being for our pets
Prolife has made the long-term well-being of dogs and cats its mission, precisely through nutrition. All the foods in the line have been formulated by a team of nutritionists and veterinarians, passionate pet owners, who have lavished commitment, dedication and passion in finding specific solutions to meet the needs of each dog and cat in each biological phase, without neglect those sensitive to components such as proteins or gluten. Prolife foods are produced in Italy, from the best raw materials mainly from our regions, to enhance their fine excellence and reduce the environmental impact. To ensure maximum transparency, it is possible to know the origin of all the ingredients of each food through the QR code printed on the packages.

Naturalness as a password
Artificial preservatives, dyes and appetizers have been excluded from Prolife foods, to respect the nature of our pets, entrusting conservation and palatability to the nature and quality of raw materials. The original nature of carnivores makes it necessary, for dogs and cats, to have a diet rich in proteins of animal origin, the best in terms of biological value as they are more similar to the structure of the organism that receives them as nourishment. Therefore, Prolife includes fresh meats and fish, rich in precious nutrients and nutritional qualities, ideal for combining taste and palatability, of course!

Prolife adopts a hive
For those reasons Prolife has decided to marry the SavingBees.org project; respect for nature cannot ignore the safeguarding of any ecosystem, even the smallest ones, however fundamental for the global balance. Today, more than ever, it is important to listen to the messages that nature sends us and to be respectful. Bees, small and hardworking creatures, work tirelessly to ensure biodiversity, and with pollination, the survival of the entire ecosystem. Prolife firmly believes that small gestures can help ensure long-term well-being for future generations.
For Prolife, the best food does not exist as much as the best food for the specific needs of the individual.


We bought agricultural land, and we are creating an ''Enchanted Valley'' for our friends Bees. We are sowing different species of ancient varieties of wild flowers and planting various medicinal plants whose nectar is precious for bees, to recreate a natural and special environment to support the life of these wonderful creatures, so important for life and for man.


Any help, large or small, will contribute significantly to the maintenance of the Bee Oasis!


Support our project and let's build together a shared communication path to enhance your company's commitment to developing the growth of the Bee Oasis for everyone's future!