The Biasion company was founded in 1866 and is today a well-established reality in the green sector.
The company, which has a Gardencenter for retail sale, is a leader in the marketing of hydroseeding and gardening products; it can also count on a specialized Honda Master Dealer workshop with all the best machinery such as lawn mowers, garden robots and snow blowers. Another excellence of Biasion is certainly the seeds sector.

Our proposal is very wide and guarantees a wide range of blends. We offer solutions for all types of turf, for stable meadows and pastures, orchards and vineyards and for the greening of slopes and ski slopes. There are also mixtures for green manure and flowering meadows.
For some years there has been a strong demand for mixtures for beekeeping and Biasion, which has always been a pioneer in the sector, has faced this challenge with its own mixes, both standard and customized.

We are, in fact, looking for solutions that are increasingly compatible with the climate changes underway and we are aiming for a more extensive management of the surfaces in order to obtain a more targeted use of resources. Sensitive to environmental issues, we do not lose sight of the importance of preserving ecosystems with specific interventions for beneficial insects, in particular for bees.
The collaboration with Saving Bees and the adoption of a hive are, therefore, the logical consequence of this philosophy. The comparison with the managers of the Bee Oases will certainly allow us to improve our work by giving us the opportunity to test the blends for an increasingly satisfactory result.


We bought agricultural land, and we are creating an ''Enchanted Valley'' for our friends Bees. We are sowing different species of ancient varieties of wild flowers and planting various medicinal plants whose nectar is precious for bees, to recreate a natural and special environment to support the life of these wonderful creatures, so important for life and for man.


Any help, large or small, will contribute significantly to the maintenance of the Bee Oasis!


Support our project and let's build together a shared communication path to enhance your company's commitment to developing the growth of the Bee Oasis for everyone's future!