Sorgenia, the first Italian greentech energy company, stands out for its commitment to raising the awareness of its customers on the issues of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Sorgenia is committed to doing its part on a daily basis in the areas where it does business and alongside its customers, involving them in initiatives that promote a safer and more sustainable future through constant innovation and attention to the environment. An effective way of making a concrete commitment to the environment is represented by the Greeners community, a meeting point for those who care about the health of the planet and are personally committed to sustainability. Environmental and social sustainability and sharing therefore constitute the founding values of all of Sorgenia's work.

Greeners, the community of people united by a passion for a sustainable future, enthusiastically embraces the mission of Savingbees.org. This initiative, dedicated to the conservation of bees essential for plant pollination and ecosystem protection, reflects the Greeners' collective commitment to actively promote sustainability and preserve our planet's biodiversity.

The Greeners community has a strong desire to continue making a difference in the environment. Greeners are committed to supporting initiatives that promote nature conservation, biodiversity protection, energy efficiency, pollution reduction and other crucial environmental causes. The community sees its role as an engine of positive change, working together to create a better future for generations to come, preserving the beauty of our planet and raising awareness of vital environmental issues.


We bought agricultural land, and we are creating an ''Enchanted Valley'' for our friends Bees. We are sowing different species of ancient varieties of wild flowers and planting various medicinal plants whose nectar is precious for bees, to recreate a natural and special environment to support the life of these wonderful creatures, so important for life and for man.


Support our project and let's build together a shared communication path to enhance your company's commitment to developing the growth of the Bee Oasis for everyone's future!