The modern structure of the markets, nowadays, requires a new approach to Logistics and transport planning, the one that Sgt Srl performs by combining the most modern integrated and multimodal processing techniques, linked to the broader experience gained in more than thirty years by its Head company Italtrade Group Srl. Italtrade, one of the leading international companies, a leader in the logistics sector, is able to satisfy every type of transport and logistics requirement.
Our warehouses located in Italy are used for the storage of different types of goods; on the Catania site, in addition, it covers an area of 130.000 square meters with a 450-meter railway line.

Working in Logistics and Transport, makes us very sensitive to the environment and we really believe that supporting is a typical action in our DNA, in fact as we are careful to take care of our customers and to plan, we want to put the maximum attention to supporting the Bees, that today are in great difficulty, because of Man.
For this reason we wish to promote and convey the message and make a concreate action towards our friends Bees, exactly as we are careful and concrete in the management and optimization of transports, taking care of every detail and working for full customer satisfaction, which lead to the professional gratification for the entire staff.

It is our staff that daily with patience, transparency, loyalty, team spirit, self-responsibility, determination and reliability that daily allows the good functioning of this reality for over 30 years just like the insatiable work of the Bees; that's why we decided to support Saving Bees. From this year we decided to adopt a hive, adopting a house for a colony of bees.



Among the various projects that we are carrying out, the one of the Bee oasis is surely the most ambitious. We want to buy an agricultural field, to create one ``Enchanted Valley`` for our friends the Bees, whether to sow a lot of kinds of ancient wild flowers. We want to reconstruct a special and natural environment to sustain the life of these beautiful creatures, so important also for the human being.


It is possible to support us in our project also through donations. Any help, large or small, will contribute significantly to the creation of the Bee Oasis! How to support us? You can adopt a melliferous tree, an hive, or adopt a portion of Oasis!